Leaders Support Congresswoman Ilhan Omar


March 5, 2019


The Honorable Speaker Nancy Pelosi

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

It has come to our attention that the House Democratic leadership plans to introduce a resolution originally intended to reprimand Congresswoman Omar for critical comments she made about Israel. We urge the Democratic senior leadership to instead pass a resolution that equally condemns antisemitism and Islamophobia, as well as religious bigotry of all kinds, condemns anti-Black racism and xenophobia, and condemns physical threats against any members of Congress especially those who are persons of color or otherwise minorities.

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals, stand with Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib and their vision of a world without racism and oppression, and we reject the vicious and racially-motivated bad-faith smears against them, including false charges of antisemitism, accusations of links to terrorism, and death threats.

We believe that it is critical for the resolution to condemn all forms of bigotry. In today’s political climate, antisemitism and Islamophobia are frighteningly prevalent, their flames being fanned at the highest levels, including by the current presidential administration. We must work hand-in-hand to combat them together. A congressional resolution cannot afford to glance over the alarming spike of actual antisemitism, Islamophobia, and religious bigotry in the U.S. today, particularly from the far-right that is by far the greatest purveyor of hate crimes, as statistics show. To single out Congresswoman Omar with unfounded accusations of antisemitism in itself perpetuates an Islamophobic stereotype that Muslims are inherently antisemitic. Americans, including Muslims, can and should be, able to criticize Israeli policies or American policies toward Israel without being falsely accused of antisemitism.

Furthermore, no nation-state should be above criticism. No lobby, whether representing foreign or domestic interests, should be above criticism. Criticizing Saudi Arabia or the Saudi lobby is not inherently Islamophobic; similarly, criticizing Israeli policies or the Israeli lobby is not inherently anti-semitic. Representative Ilhan was consistent in her critique of both. Censoring and silencing political commentary, even on sensitive issues deemed unpopular by some, weakens our democracy and is counter to the interests of our country and our core values of free political expression. The Democratic leadership should also not gloss over or erase the many prominent Jewish voices who penned op-eds, ran interviews, or took to social media to echo the above points.

It is crucial for the resolution to also condemn anti-Black racism and xenophobia. As a Black Muslim woman, Representative Omar is uniquely and personally threatened by the exceptional atmosphere of unfair scrutiny of her right to engage in legitimate political debate. With the current rise of white nationalism and xenophobia, bigotry certainly includes but also certainly extends well beyond antisemitism, and the Democratic leadership would be dangerously tone-deaf not to mention the horrific significant rise in violence, hate crimes, and death threats against all communities of color.

We also call on you to condemn any threat of violence against members of Congress who are people of color.  While we are opposed to violence, or threats of violence, to any member of Congress whatsoever, we recognize that the most vulnerable people among our elected officials are those who come from communities of color. Representative Omar has been at the receiving end of death threats and accusations of links to terrorism, as publicly displayed in the West Virginia statehouse. These attacks on her are rooted in both racism and Islamophobia, and we have no doubt that the politically motivated accusations of antisemitism are actually fueling these threats.

Since she has taken office, Representative Omar has consistently been one of the most progressive voices in Congress. We are grateful to her for her consistent and principled stance in support of economic justice, racial justice, immigration justice, environmental justice, justice for the oppressed including Palestinians, and an end to war. The Democratic leadership should celebrate and support her instead of abandoning and condemning her.

We urge you to pass a resolution that condemns all bigotry and racism. We call on you to pursue this opportunity to demonstrate moral leadership and unity, particularly as the 2020 elections loom large.



  1. Linda Sarsour,  MPower Change
  2. Imam Omar Suleiman, Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research
  3. Imam Asad Zaman, Muslim American Society of Minnesota
  4. Ahmed Bedier, United Voices for America
  5. Mongi Dhaouadi, United Voices for America
  6. Nihad Awad, Council on American Islamic Relations
  7. Rasha Mubarak, Young Democrats of Orange County/Muslim Women’s Organization
  8. Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party
  9. Nelini Stamp, Working Families Party
  10. Alan Minsky, Progressive Democrats of America
  11. Andrea Mercado, New Florida Majority
  12. Michael McBride, LIVE FREE USA/Faith In Action
  13. Dave Zirin, Sports Editor, The Nation
  14. Patrisse Cullors, Black Lives Matter Global Network
  15. Ahmad Abuznaid, National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC)
  16. Rabbi Michael E Feinberg, Micah Roundtable
  17. Rabbi Alissa Wise, Jewish Voice for Peace   
  18. Audrey Sasson, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)
  19. Imam Khalid Griggs, Islamic Circle of North America
  20. Rev. Traci Blackmon, United Church of Christ
  21. Rebecca Vilkomerson, Jewish Voice for Peace
  22. Yonah Lieberman, IfNotNow  
  23. Cristina Jiménez Moreta, United We Dream
  24. Lara Haft, Rabbinical Student, Hebrew College
  25. Ana Maria Archila, CPD Action  
  26. Yvette Simpson, Democracy for America
  27. Charles Chamberlain, Democracy for America
  28. Brieanna Fisher, Democracy for America  
  29. May Ye, Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council
  30. Shaunna Thomas, UltraViolet
  31. Tamika D. Mallory, Women’s March
  32. Rachel O’Leary Carmona, Women’s March
  33. Dante Barry, Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
  34. Joyce Ajlouny, American Friends Service Committee
  35. Dr. Abdul El-Sayed, SouthPaw MI
  36. Carmen Perez, The Gathering for Justice
  37. Heidi Hess, CREDO Action
  38. Avideh Moussavian, NILC Immigrant Justice Fund
  39. Rafael Shimunov, The Jewish Vote  
  40. Isabel Sousa-Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition
  41. Zaina Alsous, The Dream Defenders
  42. Helen Pena, The Dream Defenders
  43. Murad Awawdeh, New York State Immigrant Action Fund
  44. Yousef Munayyer, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR)
  45. Cathy Albisa, National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI)
  46. Bryan Fulwider, United Church of Christ Clergy
  47. Lakshmi Sridaran, South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)
  48. Geoffrey Paquette, Unite Here
  49. Sylvia Schwarz, Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign
  50. Allan Malkis, Jewish Voice for Peace Twin Cities
  51. Oren Robinson, Jewish Voice for Peace San Diego Chapter
  52. Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies, New Internationalism Project
  53. Ayman Hammous, Muslim American Society
  54. Ismahan Abdullahi, Muslim American Society
  55. Mustafa Diriye, Muslim American Society
  56. Salam Al-Marayati, Muslim Public Affairs Council
  57. Winston S. Warfield, Veterans for Peace
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  59. Alexander McCoy, Common Defense
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  67. Jake Sanders, Florida Young Democrats
  68. Danielle, NYC DSA Anti-War Working Group
  69. Jodi Jacobson, Journalist
  70. Andrea Whitmore, United Methodists for Kairos Response
  71. Ahmed Rehab, CAIR-Chicago
  72. Su’ad Abdul Khabeer, Sapelo Square
  73. Moumita Ahmed, Millennials for Revolution
  74. Zahra Billoo, CAIR-San Francisco Bay Area
  75. David Robin, Millennials for Revolution
  76. Deepa Iyer, Activist and Lawyer
  77. Stephanie Porta, Organize Florida
  78. Giovanni Bravo Ruiz, Organize Florida  
  79. Osama Abuirshaid, American Muslims for Palestine
  80. Imraan Siddiqi, CAIR-Arizona
  81. Donna Davis, Black Lives Matter: Tampa
  82. Carol Horwitz, JVP-NYC
  83. Reverend Dr. John Anderson, St. John’s Presbyterian Church, San Francisco
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  94. Eithne J. Clarke
  95. Brian McLaren, Author and Activist
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  97. Pauline M. Coffman, Activist
  98. Ijaz Chaudhry, PA Democratic State Committee Member
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  101. Samer M. Ali, Ctr. for Middle Eastern & North African Studies, U of M
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